Walking with beasts

Another of our trips was to a local country park. The children and I packed up a lunch and set off with the dog.

While we were there we made it our mission to find all the points on an orienteering map we found online.

We found all but five of them and it wasn’t for want of trying. I wasn’t going to push it too much though so as to keep the children motivated. The country park is also full of sculptures from various artists including migration by Kate Munro

A castle entrance that Mlle. adored though Littleman was convinced there were dragons on the other side.

And some rather wonderful wooden sculptures including a tipi in the centre of a spiral and a large wooden fish

The Engineer lugged a large stick around with him the whole time, he was called Sticktomus prime and took on a life of his own. There was tears when he just couldn’t cope with the strain any more and eventually came home in several pieces. The children on the other hand walked miles without too much complaint and had a great time.


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Cacheing in

One of the things we have been doing more of since we moved here is geocaching. Cloggs has exeats from his school every now and then and we use that time to escape into the country.

One of our first expeditions was towards the coast. About four miles along country lanes with no pavements we came to the village where Mlle. and the Engineer go to school.

It’s a beautiful village but sadly somewhat a victim of its loveliness with a large number of the houses being second homes or holiday lets.

Our first stop was for a drink and some cake and in the case of Cloggs and Littleman a private gossip.

From there we walked down a footpath to the sea.

Cloggs map read the whole time using a combination of an os map and printouts from the geocache website.

It was pretty chilly but gorgeously crisp. Littleman ran around like a dog, off ahead and back again round and round.

On the top of the hills, behind the dunes, World War ii coastal defences with old radio masts hidden by ministry of defence keep out signs. On the edge of these in amongst the concrete structures we found a cache.

Who says Norfolk is flat?

Up on the heath we looked for another cache but after a while looking I decided it was time to leave it. There were quite a few bottle and cigarette packets and I was paranoid what else there might be. it was such a shame to see a lovely place ruined by inconsiderate people.

All in all a lovely day out even if the last half a mile was a bit too much for Cloggs (I should add I sling carried Littleman for a far bit)

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Normal(ish) service will be resumed soon. Thanks for sticking around

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I haven’t got days and days worth of arty crafty halloween posts lined up because quite frankly I’m rubbish. Guilt kicked in though that my offspring were going to miss out on yet another thing because we keep moving so this afternoon after quick trip to the shops and a few nibbles bought, the dressing up brought out, google used and the food colouring found we were ready for some silliness.

What you can’t see is that my darlings found apple bobbing incredibly easy due to the huge diameter of their gobs.

Something mouldy or maybe some blood?

Pin the tail on the cat was interesting. Either they couldn’t even get near the cat or they used their other hand and found the original hole for the pin. the only time I have ever regretted my no blue tack rule.

All in all they seemed to enjoy themselves.

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RT’s Grand Tour

I just wrote a long post and then managed to delete it.

So the gist is I go on a forum and one of the blokes on a forum I go on decided to do a tour of Britain visiting as many other members as possible.

Well on friday RT turned up in Norfolk. A very nice bloke indeed.

He wrote a short blog of his trip here

The Engineer is LEGO obsessed. He found a fellow enthusiast in RT

Friday was also Himselfs birthday

On saturday we took a potter up Beeston Bump

All the walking and beer fumes were obviously exhausting

And RT (and his little green friend) went on their way

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The sea enriches and the pine adorns

We went to the rather beautiful Sheringham Park today. I’ve been before in May when it is awash with rhododendrums and azaleas, but in October it has a different feel though equally lovely. I suspect I can’t say as much as pictures can so I will let them do the talking.

The sea enriches and the pine adorns is Sheringham’s motto. Mare Ditat Pinusque Decorat

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One final duck picture

I found this picture on my cameras internal memory. It was taken the day we went back to the Farmhouse to clean a couple of days after we moved out. Mrs Duck and her teenagers came straight up to see us, I actually think they recognise my voice. Poor Mrs Duck was also followed by two would be suiters, she hadn’t even managed to get the last lot of babies to fly the nest and they were already hassling her, but they weren’t man (drake?) enough as they vanished pretty quickly when they saw us. It’s hard to tell which Mrs Duck is and which are her babies but ever the good Mum she was the one on the look out.


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No words

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Three weeks in

Living in a town is different. I can’t say I’m enjoying it particularly. It’s not bad I just don’t get that feeling of absolute bliss as I step out the door that I did at the farm house.

Last night though, I stood outside in the dark, blocked up my ears and stared up at the sky, it’s the same huge Norfolk sky as always and even though we are on a main road near the centre of a town I could see stars upon stars and I could have been almost anywhere, town or country. I really do wish I had the photographic ability to take photos of the Norfolk sky at night because it is one of natures wonders. It’s like standing in a real life planetarium, you get that feeling of it curving around you and inbetween the stars and planets there are yet more stars.

Back down to earth I have failed at my shopping challenge. Yes I have been into the town each day, the baker knows me and the children, the butcher said he was happy to help me learn about different cuts of meat and the Engineer loves the greengrocer. I have bought baby wipes online and toilet rolls in bulk but there are some thing that I just can’t buy in town without going to the supermarket or cost a fortune buying online, such as washing powder, so I have settled for one supermarket shop online a month for those basics and trying to get everything else locally.

Clogs is loving his new school, but Mlle. and the Engineer have been driving me potty with their arguments and one upmanship, over eight weeks is just too long a summer holiday for them. After much stress mainly due to only one of them getting into the local school, they are both going to be going by taxi (council paid) to a school in  a nearby village. It seems to be a lovely school but the main reason we moved into a town was because we had problems at the previous school mainly through lack of communication caused by not being at the school gate.

On a positive note I am taking Littleman to his first parent and child group since he was a baby. It will be good for him to socialise with someone other than his hooligan siblings and hopefully will get him to used to the idea of a playgroup. I don’t want to get rid of him but one morning child free would be useful for doing all those wonderful things such as going to the opticians or giving blood.

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Clever Clogs

Clogs started his new school today. I can’t work out whether he looks really little or really grown up.

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